About me

Hello, my name is Ieva and I am a Ceremony Doula. I work with Plant Medicine (Aya & Psilocybin truffle), Shamanic Drum and Goat Spirit to reach Your deepest self, to awake Your most asleep and to remind you of who You truly are. You can also call me an Awakener as the plant medicine has shown me this is who I am and what I do is to awaken people.I feel encouraged to share some stories of my life openly and genuinely so that you could relate, trust me more and most importantly, receive hope. My path has always been very bumpy and windy. I was either going through life passively or blindly jumping off the most radical “cliffs”. As someone who had been in a deep Soul sleep I went through an extreme Separation with myself which lead to ever ongoing Desperation that manifested in me in the form of depression, anxiety, panic attacs, existential crisis, addictions with food & sex, lost identity, dissorted self image, unhealthy attachments, never ending loops of negative thinking, self- pity, blame, jealousy, you name it. In my early twenties I became very religious which helped me mask my misery for some time. But after eight years in it, I again fell into desperation, feeling like I do not belong anywhere. Can you relate? Everything in this world felt so alien to me. I was medicated, labeled as depressed and hospitalized, and went through months of therapy. In fact, I had studied Psychology previously, which I later had no choice but to disown this field because it did not “see” me when I needed it the most. And that is exactly why eventually I chose Plant Medicine because it Sees you, Feels you and Guides you. It is the wisest therapist you can ever find.

My first Ceremonies with plant medicine were just a light Knock knock on my Soul. But every time that Knock became louder and louder and I found myself going through a radical healing and releasing processes. I was breathing. Finally. I remembered who I am and what I'm supposed to do in my life. Things became crystal clear. And they still do. It is a process and magic happens only when you intentionally make space for it. I would like to emphasize with my best intention and honesty that it is so critical that we understand it is the process. Picture it as Metamorphosis. In one of my ceremonies I was revealed that my Soul was going through a Life cycle similar to those of Cockchafers (May bug). They bury their eggs deep in earth and once hatched larvae stay buried in the soil up to five years before they develop into adults, just so they could live barely more than a month. In my own journey I heard so many healers and shamans promising life changing experiences in just one night but the truth is if you have lived for 30 or 60 years in self-neglect, self-punishment and suppression, you have to expect your healing to be a metamorphosis and learn how to be Gentle with yourself in those waiting times. What matters now the most though is to know the direction of Your new Birth. Mine evidently is plant medicine and I would be honored to guide you safely into those chambers of magic to the Next stages of your Metamorphosis.