Goat Spirit

I never really believed in Spirits. I once had faith in Christian God and Holy Spirit but I felt that they were so, so far, almost unreachable. Thus when Goat Spirit appeared to me during the Ceremony and I gave Her permission to go ahead and enter me thinking it is just a fun show that will pass in a moment. I couldn't be more wrong! She kept me in the pouring rain for hours in one of the Amsterdam parks while she was beating the drum through my hand. Already in the evening all cold, tired and soaked to bits, I biked back home to crash into my bed thinking it would all melt into a magical dream. When I woke up the next morning, to my biggest surprise, I found that the Goat Spirit was still there almost every time I took the drum and invited Her.

This Goat Spirit is from Mauritius and she is the owner of the drum because it is made of her own skin. She was a wild female goat and /she has a very light, feminine and loving energy. She uses the drum for awakening, healing and communication purposes. Sometimes she can be very stubborn and impatient though and I always have to consult if I want to invite her in the presence of other people.  

With Love and Light,