Ceremonies with and without Plant Medicine

I work individually or with two people and I choose the strength of the medicine very carefully to make the Ceremony gentle yet deep and profound. I also do Ceremonies without Plant Medicine, but with the help of Goat Spirit and my Shamanic Drum. My charging system allows you to choose between - low, medium and higher budgets. Paying fairly also means that people who really need healing but normally couldn't afford it have opportunities with this system to do so.

I live in Amsterdam but with additional travel charges, I can do Ceremonies anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK.
For the location of the Ceremony there are 3 options at the moment. First option, we can do it at your place (only if it feels safe to you!), second option we rent a cosy and safe space for 1 day (Airbnb most likely), third we do it outside if the weather permits (or you can do it in the rain like me:)).. Very strong Ceremonies can happen outside in nature as we are ever-connected with our Mama Pacha. Water, fire, soil and tree roots are my most passionate energies and if there is an opportunity to do so, I absolutely love Ceremonies outside. Some people don't feel safe outside though and I always tailor my ceremonies to fit personal needs.

Every Ceremony is different. Every Ceremony is magical and small changes start happening before the ritual and continue afterwards. For the Plant Medicine ceremonies, I like to focus on gratitude and appreciation towards Plant Medicine which helps create an everlasting channel with all plants in general and allows us to maintain the flow of the Medicine. We always need to remember that plants are intelligent and they like responsible and respectful users. 

Plant Medicine Ceremony is all about magic, love, wisdom, truth and Spiritual Realms that are more real than ever before! When planning the Ceremony we decide what plants, where and what we focus on. For me, it is very important that you feel involved in decision-making, comfortable and relaxed with a space and the process, so we carefully discuss and plan it beforehand. On the day of the Ceremony, we will take time to calm down before slowly entering into beautiful processes and self exploration. I am very open to everything that your mind, body and soul desires. If you need to cry you cry, if you need to laugh you laugh, if you need to dance you dance, sing, draw, paint, meditate, play and so on.

Inner Child Ceremony can be done with or without Plant Medicine. The main theme here is awakening your inner child and allowing you to undergo what you have to undergo. I use many creative methods to awaken your inner child. Some might bring tears, some joy, while others possibly irritation and all of this is good and needed for you to experience. Inner Child Ceremony is very useful for people who feel they were neglected as children or even before the birth in the womb. It is for those who are feeling stuck in your early stage of life. Maybe you were never lulled to sleep, breast fed, lovingly touched or simply held in your mother's arms. If you never experienced all these, you likely developed a sense of always feeling unsafe in this world. In Ceremonies we can go back and try to create that safety for ourselves. This was one of my personal profound experiences that helped me to see the light in the chaos. We also learn how to awaken that child inside us in everyday life when we feel down or unsafe.

Goat Spirit Ceremony is a unique experience for you to be washed and cleansed by healing and awakening sounds of Shamanic Drum that the Goat Spirit is creating through me. Basically, Her energy is navigating through my hand towards the Drum. She is the real owner of that drum because it was made of her own skin in Mauritius island. I connected with Her in one of the Ceremonies and she introduced Herself as my Spiritual Guide, who in fact was with me before but I never knew. She is a female wild goat, has healing energy but also communicates and responds. Oh, and she can be quite stubborn. You can read more about Goat Spirit here.

Womb Ceremony is for women to reclaim their power, femininity (so many of us have lost it!!) and reconnect with their body, but in particular with their womb, breasts and genitals. It is a very beautiful yet intimate Ceremony that has so much potential for healing and releasing old wounds. This Ritual can be done with or without Plant Medicine. It is for every woman whether she is single or in relationship, given birth or not, had miscarriages, abortions, illusions, dreams, false beliefs, sexual struggles, etc that imprisoned and darkened their life energy. Very powerful Womb Ceremonies can happen during menstruation as women are surrounded by their very subtle energy (opposite from what we were made to believe). Because the womb is the beginning of life it might be a good place for some women to start their new passage here.

With Love and Light,